Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ring Ring!

robin's egg :: enamel on copper set in sterling silver

sunshine :: enamel on copper set in sterling silver

yellow :: button set into sterling silver

daisy and cloud:: glass button set into sterling silver with red thread

These last two weeks, I took a little break from letterpress and making books and took a class with Bob Ebendorf. He's a big deal. He's got his own Wikipedia page, right here. I always wanted to take a jewelry class in college but never got around to it, but being here at Penland has been a perfect opportunity to indulge this curiosity.

When I make jewelry, I like to make simple things. Things that I would wear. I make rings because and earrings because they are what I understand best as a jewelry wearer. I hardly ever wear necklaces or bracelets.

These are just a few of the things I made, I'll post more when I take pictures.
Here's a sneak peak of some earrings and my haircut. They are mother of pearl buttons and sterling silver.

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