Wednesday, April 21, 2010


This week, I'm spending afternoons in the studio. I'm trying to get into the habit of putting aside a few hours and starting to feeling comfortable there. I can be a bit of a homebody, you see. I do like it there. The light is diffuse and comforting, I can listen to the radio, and it smells nice, like a studio. Like concrete, metal, wood, and cardboard.

I cleaned the ink disk, which was covered in 30 year old red ink. It's smooth and shiny now, sort of looks like a full moon.

I'm sorting the type I brought from North Carolina, which is very dusty, but it's quite enjoyable anyway.

I'll be leaving for the studio soon, it's almost noon already. Any podcast recommendations for getting work done? I've been listening to This American Life, Radiolab, and Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me.


  1. Stuff You Should Know and Savage Love!

  2. Thank you! Excellent suggestions.

  3. Fresh Air and Studio 360 - I don't know if they'll help you get work done, but they are interesting...

  4. Yes! Craftsanity is great. Particularly this one:

    And The Moth is also vury interesting. Happy nesting!

  5. Hey Marianne, here is another podcast I think you might like: "Selected Shorts" - every week they have some famous person or other read short stories in front of an audience in NYC at Sympony Space - I love it!

  6. Thanks guys! I also enjoy The Splendid Table if you like to hear people talk about food. Kate, I catch Selected Shorts every once in a while on NPR, that's a good one.

  7. Bad At Sports does great artist interviews and is based in Chicago...

    The International Spy Museum's SpyCast is also rad, and The Moth can be good (TAL features stories from The Moth sometimes), and I also like the NPR show On The Media.