Friday, January 27, 2012

Best Day Job Ever

:: Common Press poster by me::

I'm a lucky girl. My day job these days is working at Common Press, the University of Pennsylvania's letterpress studio as their letterpress tech/coordinator. I spent my first few months there organizing, cleaning, and getting the presses tuned up. Still working on that, I'm looking at you SP-15... Now though, we're turning our focus to printing new work at the press as well as archiving and documenting old work.

This poster is one of the new pieces I printed. It was printed using only wood and metal type from the studio on recycled French Paper.


  1. This is a great day-job to hear about! I monitor at Massachusetts College of Art and Design in their letterpress shop and would for a letterpress tech/coordinator position to be set up there. Great work and great post!

  2. Thanks! You're work is great, by the way. I love that you're using type for your design work. The job started out as only 1 1/2 days a week, but turned into something more substantial after a semester, so you never know...